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Famous Astrologers in India


Famous Astrologers in India


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Testimonials by clients

Many clients from INDIA & abroad, have given their Testimonials. Some of the recent Testimonials are given below,

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After going to seek advice from Mr. Godse I was very pleased with the guidance I received especially since it was at a very complex and difficult time during my medical school and career. I was very nervous and felt like I had no direction. Mr. Godse always spoke honestly and gave me clarity and hope to move on through my exam hurdles.

I stand here two and a half years later after successfully completing medical school and passing my licensing exams. I had guidance all along the way and so precise that it helped me confidently pass in the periods he suggested. What I like when I meet with him is he is frank and tells the truth which was not always easy to hear but when it came out correct it gave me the strength to handle it and move on and get to where I am today. I am definitely a believer and look forward to guidance in my future endeavors. Thank you Mr. Godse.

Dr. Sarita Agte, Chicago, USA

I would like to appreciate that Abhay Godse is a very Professional & Accurate astrologer in todayís dynamic world.Iím also a student of astrology, still, Iím very much surprised with his accuracy of predictions. I belong to a young generation & Iím sure that his approach towards astrology will definitely attract more & more young generation towards astrology. He explains things by giving lot many examples so that it becomes easier for people to understand the things. I wish him all the best for his great work in future.


Jahnavi Gole, MBA, Pune

Dear Mr. Abhay Godse

It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that,Aug 2008 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that i will get a chance to work with a well known and large scale company, and yes! I got a job offer from one of the best companies in India in mid Aug 2008 and now I am working with them. Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definitely say that your prediction turned out accurate.


Rahul Pethkar, Pune

Abhay Godse's Predictions are bang on. Something he had predicated 2 years back, about an occurrence in December 2011 has come true. As the prediction was not what I expected I did not believe it but now when I have seen it happening in front of my eyes I have to admit that he has been accurate on what he had predicted. I shall surely consult him for any future quires I will have.


Mr. Barot, Mumbai

Dear Abhay,

Thanks for helping me out and calming me down for better situation.  After 6 months of waiting as you said you will be in better situation in November 2010 and guess what it actually worked out for me and things are quite easy for me now. Keep it up. Best Astrologer i experienced. Thanks again !

Kunal Deshmukh, Pune

I am very happy predictions & accuracy which i had experienced in case of my husband. I had asked questions about my husband almost 1 year back & your predictions were very good and perfect.



Thanks Abhay for the appointment and what makes me come to you is your profile where you have clearly mentioned about no sweet talks but clear cut answers whether bad or good.


Most of the astrologers I have met have been too sweet in words but I am more keen to know reality rather than fantasies.



You had told us around 1 year back that we should have bought a new house before because there is 'Yog' in our horoscope and to our surprise, the property that we liked and wanted to buy but could not booked because of some problems, was still available and finally in last month we booked the same flat. So your prediction turned out to be accurate.



I have seen many people, claiming to be an astrologer. Unfortunately I happen to know how they manipulate things so that makes me more of annoyed than amazed. I could trust only Abhay. Whatever he predicts, was pure computation and it kept on proving true, one by one. Best part, he doesnít shy away and thatís what I respect and like most.


I congratulate him on his skills and wish him Godspeed.


With Regards,

Amit Saxena, Bangalore

First of all let me thank u for your great efforts and prompt replies for all my mails and questions. My sincere thanks to u for spending time on this and giving it due importance. I am very much impressed and pleased with your style and your predictions. I sincerely pray god for good will of yourself.



I had consulted you a year ago. I asked you about my chances of going abroad & your told me negative. Your prediction is absolutely correct.



As you had predicted, the proposal which I have accepted is quite low than the expectations and she is also an earning member & we are going to get married soon.




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